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Neurodiversity refers to the variations within every human being's neurological, sensory and nervous systems, or how they are - wired.  Naturally, a person's wiring impacts their perception processing as well as physical, social, emotional, and occupational development throughout their entire life. Current adopted conditions that are are defined as Neurodivergent, NeuroDistinct profiles or a Neurominority experience are as follows: Autism / Spectrum (Asperger's), Sensory Processing, ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, and Tourette's syndrome.  However, it is widely accepted in neurominority communities that complexity with other chronic conditions cause layered impacts, every person is diverse in their own lived experience.  Each person's voice and stories are valid and valued.  

Generally, there are many barriers to obtaining access to experienced neuroaffirming providers for neurodevelopmental evaluations. These barriers are exacerbated in rural areas, especially for adolescents and adults. It is standard practice to seek initial screening or assessment for a referral for these evaluations from a primary care provider, however, a person's insurance or ability to pay generally become the most common barrier.  Beyond these two initial barriers, finding providers that evaluate adolescents or adults within even 100 miles of your residence may be impossible.   After surmounting these obstacles, you may end up on a waiting list of up to 24 months.   It can often be very discouraging. 


Azimuth Counseling PLLC was founded to be a specialized neuroaffirming clinical resource, provide clinical support, advocacy, and integrated care for clients 16y+ exploring, expanding or managing neurodivergent traits, tendencies and complexities.  We offer personalized exploration, strengths-based education, sustainable strategies and additional external recommendations or referrals to clients as well as their family, friends, educators, employers, healthcare providers, or other skilled professionals.  We prioritize healthcare provider referrals that are collaborative and practice integrated care with their clients and patients. 


Azimuth Counseling PLLC explores internal and external tendencies that are disruptive or unwanted.  We identify survival, soothing and inertia cycles that may be ineffective, unsatiating and undermine our valued ethics and goals.  We will spend time understanding and creating space for your unique sensory system, how it impacts your perceptions and processing, develop reflective insight, sustainable strengths, and become more sensitive to your optimal flows.  These holistic perspectives will help us map out the areas of your wiring that may need some attentiveness, flexible supports and adaptation to increasing / decreasing tolerance.  Together we strategize and develop skill sets to improve meaningful connection to self/others, compassionate curiosity, courage, consistency, and optimize sustainable relationships with yourself and others, at home and beyond.

Often individuals with NeuroDistinct profiles experience other disruptions throughout their lives, we will tailor strategies that create a sense of reliable flow for you that focus on sustainability versus push, crash, burnout and fallout cycles.  Here are a few of those disruptive areas: 

  • weight of competing ethics

  • compulsion to avoid negative impacts

  • inconsistent self-care routines

  • irregular sleep and eating patterns

  • lack of executive functioning and pacing

  • difficulty regulating active and passive inertia 

  • strained communication and relationships 

  • persistent difficulty in school or work settings 

  • sensory overload, irritability, and outbursts

  • social or performance-based anxiety and panic 

  • depression, avoidance and isolation 

  • shame and lack of confidence

  • sense of defeat, failure, despair, "not worth it / it won't matter" 

Allyship is cultivated and focused in candid conversations to protect space, time and consent for all folks.  We are sensitive to inclusion and belonging for BIPOC and LGBTQ+ folx, survivors of neglect, abuse, trauma, grief / loss of any kind, and academic or employment burnout. We are experienced with the complexity burdening neurominority veterans, first responders, healthcare providers, educators, athletes, & entrepreneurs.

Loneliness is a common shared experience for many neurominority individuals, before they are connected to the global community.    

We look forward to connecting soon.

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